On a Mother (of a) Quest for 17 years as a journalist and activist, Lisa explores the space between our unsustainable industrial story and the emerging New Story of what is possible, especially for families interested in conscious living. As editor of Kindred Media and Community, she is passionate about "Sharing the New Story of Childhood,

Parenthood and the Human Family."

Lisa is also co-founder of the nonprofit,
Families for Conscious Living. Her vision of serving Cultural Creative families is currently carried forward through nonprofit collaborations and over 300 international Pathways Connect Gathering Groups sponsored by Pathways to Family Wellness. (Listen to the audio recording of the FCL story here.)

Lisa shares her personal stories of shifting in features, such as
Spiritual CompostingandBringing Light to the Dark Side of Natural Parenting, in Kindred. In her presentations at conferences and workshops, she inspires parents to look toward Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey for guidance and inspiration on authoring a new story for ourselves as individuals and as communities.  In 2015, the long-awaited virtual retreat series, Parenting As A Hero's Journey, was launched featuring some of the most dynamic pioneers of the conscious parenting movement.

CFI Advisory Board

Jackie Naginey Hook, MA is a certified Spiritual Director and Life-Cycle Celebrant® whose work helps people find hope, healing and wholeness.  She offers individual and group spiritual direction, programs and retreats in spirituality, grief, loss and letting go and coordinates the Helping Grieving Hearts Heal program with Koch Funeral Home, including creating and officiating at funeral services.  Jackie has a B.S. in Business from Penn State University and an M.A. in Wellness from the University of Central Florida.  She can be reached at Jackie@JackieHook.com.

Marla Nierenberg Hanan is a mother to three children and the owner of Blue Lotus Family Wellness.  Marla’s longstanding commitment to children and families is evident in her life and her work over the past 20 years.  Marla holds a Master’s Degree in Education and Child Policy from Columbia University.  Marla has been involved at the national, state and local level in research, program evaluation and advocacy related to children, families and education.

Once Marla became a mother, her interest in children and in child development became more personal and she pursued her interest in a holistic understanding of how a human being develops, and in helping to support parents. When her oldest son was 18 months old, Marla discovered the work of Austrian scientist and teacher, Rudolf Steiner, and his insights into child development began to inform her parenting and her life. This began a thirteen year journey in which Marla designed, founded and ran programs and a preschool, all inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s insights. In addition, she worked as a Community Relations Associate at the Waldorf School of Princeton. In that capacity she helped to nurture the school community by developing advertising and public relations strategies and material, supporting the teaching staff, and creating educational programming and partnerships with the wider community.  Marla is also a published writer and has written for Mothering Magazine and was the founding editor of the Holistic Moms Network’s e-newsletter.

Concurrently, over the past thirteen years, Marla has pursued an understanding of neurological development and of some of the most cutting edge holistic healing modalities available today—for children and adults.  As the owner of Blue Lotus Family Wellness Marla supports people with her love and belief in spiritual teachings and practices combined with energy medicine.  Marla is a certified practitioner of Flora Corona-- a modality for adults and children that works with the energy of flowers, gems and colors to facilitate healing.   She combines her expertise in Flora Corona with her experience in meditation, child development and Process Coaching to help individuals and families live a joyful, healthy and meaningful life.  Marla leads classes in meditation for mothers and for general audiences. She has a special interest in the mother-child relationship and in supporting children and families with special needs.


Kristen Caven worked with and Child-Friendly Initiative in San Francisco in the early 2000s when she was parenting her young son. Before he went off to college, Caven culminated her 15 years of parent leadership in public schools as PTSA President of a large inner-city high school.

Caven, an author and artist, pens a blog for ADDitude Magazine entitled Life in the Fast Brain, and has recently co-authored The Bullying Antidote with her mother, Dr. Louise Hart. She coined the term "Zorgos," which is the super-heroic quality of being immune to bullying dynamics, and quoted her dear friend Michele Mason, founder of CFI, in the last chapter, making a case to invest in communities that make mothers and children feel safe and valued.

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