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​Demographic shifts in recent years—more two-career couples, more single parents, more parents working at home—make it necessary for children to accompany adults while they shop, conduct personal business, and sometimes even work. Long work hours and complicated schedules put additional pressure on families.

Parents and caregivers may want to include children in their regular activities—or simply have no choice. By adopting child-friendly practices, businesses and organizations of all kinds can better serve their clientele. For many business members, this has meant heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty, plus a powerful increase in word-of-mouth promotion among parents.

Becoming Child-Friendly doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. CFI has developed a flexible set of criteria that can apply to virtually any type of business, institution or organization. Child-Friendly can be as simple as putting a stepstool in the restroom, providing an area where children can play while their parents conduct business, or training staff to be sensitive to the difficulties parents face when their children are along.

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