For Families


Find out how you can connect with other local families and  work with local businesses to create a mutually beneficial relationship that supports family and community wellness!

Helping Families and Local Businesses Create Connected Communities

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Do You Know What Marketers Know?

Moms (and Dads) Mean Business...

  • In the US, Moms are the #1 consumer force.
  • Mothers and fathers birth both children and communities. 
  • CFI empowers families and local businesses to connect and collaborate to create a win-win for all.  
  • Child-friendly spaces mean community for parents and loyal customers for business owners.
  • Let CFI help your family or business flourish with our resources.

About CFI

Envisioned by its founder, Michele Mason, in 2001, CFI seeks to support family wellness by supporting mutually beneficial connections between families and their local business community.  The Child-Friendly Initiative is an educational and community-building outreach project of the American nonprofit, Families for Conscious Living. 



The Child-Friendly Initiative

For Businesses


Did you know?  Moms are the number one consumer force in the US! Find out how your local business can attract local families, create supportive relationships and build loyal customers for life!